Spiritual warfare!

√ Decree & declare the Blood of Jesus early in the morning (Ex 7:19)

√ Deal with altars, territorial or bloodline (Deut 12:3)

√ You cannot make any deal with the enemy (Exod 8:8) (John 14:13)

√ Do not give the enemy space to breath by retreating (Exod 8:13-15)

√ When you encounter difficulty, return to the LORD (Exod 5:22) (1 Sam 30:8)

√ Expect but do not be frustrated at demonic reinforcements (Exod 8:7) (Ps 44:5)

√ Every effort by your enemy has an end; Only God’s power is unlimited! (Exod 8:18-19)

√ Never settle for less than the promises of God (Exod 8:25-28)

√ Decree God’s Judgement over diabolic animals in dream (Ps 91:13)

√ Decree God’s Judgement over their priesthood (Exod 9:11)

√ Resist any partial deliverance! (Exod 10:8-9)

√ Economic deliverance must be in your agenda! (Exod 10:24-26)

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