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Rev Vivian I. Mutulis began having a deep hunger for the Lord, a desire that can only be activated by the Holy Spirit from his teenage years. Vivian I. Mutulis was born on May 9, 1985, in the western city of Kakamega, Kenya. He was filled & baptized with the Holy Spirit at the age of 16 while in high school, empowering him to serve the purposes of God among his fellow youth.
By God’s grace, much later, after pursuing several courses, notably International Travel & Tourism, Aviation, which offered much needed work experience for a number of years, the Lord activated him to move into full time ministry. We acknowledge those who are gifted & significantly serve in various platforms within the marketplace, even as the Bible portrays that disciples were called from thence to serve the Lord.
The man of God is called to serve the purposes of God, and gladly so by the grace provided by the precious Holy Spirit

Meet Pastor Daisy!

By God’s grace serving as a wife, a mother & pastor at Word & Prayer For All Nations, Pst Daisy is graced with a heart to seek & hear the Voice of God. This is effected through a continuous ministry of prayer & the word. She believes in the empowerment of God’s people to arise & take their rightful role, the overall impact of the gospel as the tool of transformation in the hands of the church.
Do not hesitate to ask questions or seek clarification on how you can become what God created you to be. Have you discovered your purpose in Christ?


Pst Roy is the assistant pastor at Word & Prayer For All Nations. A teacher of the Word, ardent student of revival, zealous for marketplace dominion & influence, he thrives in ensuring the right doctrine, a key ingredient in ensuring the health of the church. Pst Roy is married & serves in the pastoral team with his wife Makena, a prophetic minister whom the Lord has ear marked to serve Him in this generation. You too can begin the journey of entering your God – ordained destiny today!

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