How to maximize the benefits of the gospel! (Luke 8:9-15)

– Wayside Christians are those that attend church but remain undecided (Jam 1:8)

– Indecisive people cannot benefit from the gift of faith & salvation (Luke 8:12) (Acts 28:23-24)

– The foundation of God’s power & not man’s wisdom ensures a believer benefits from the gospel (Luke 8:13) (1 Cor 2:4-5)

– God’s power produces results, not the eloquence of the preacher! (Matt 7:29) (Luke 5:17)

– Anyone that loves this world more than Jesus cannot benefit long from the fruit of the gospel (Luke 8:14) (2 Cor 6:17)

– Genuineness in your heart is the key to receiving the full benefit of the gospel (Luke 8:15) (Jam 4:2-3) (Prov 23:26) (Acts 14:9) (Mark 9:24)

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