WRONG SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION (Ps 16:4) (Lev 19:31) (1 Cor 10:28) (2 Kings 17:15-24)

1. Idol worship (1 Kings 11:5-7),
Witchcraft (2 Kings 1:2-3), Divination (Is 8:19), Necromancy (Eccl 9:5),

– Idols demand 4 things from families, enforcing bondage (Fear/Worship/Service/Sacrifices – 2 Kings 17:35)

– God instructs 3 things in families, sealing His Covenant (Fear/Worship/Sacrifices – 2 Kings 17:36)

– Service is not as priority as Fear, Worship & Giving (Luke 10:40-42) (Ps 25:14) (Ezra 7:10) (Rom 11:4)

– God did not praise Job because of service but Fear (Job 1:8)

– Any family that inquires from a strange god never remains the same

– History of terminal diseases
– History of fighting with men of God (1 Sam 15:2)
– Opens door for nincompoop spirit (Ps 115:8)
– Opens doors for strong enemies (1 Kings 11:14, 23)
– Opens doors for multiple curses; (Deut 28:15-
a) Curse of shut heavens (nil breakthrough)
b) Economic embargos
c) Children become a source of pain
d) Curse of barrenness
e) Curse on transport (accident- prone)
e) Confusion in families
f) Strange illnesses in the family
g) Cursed opportunities (v 24)
h) Patterns of defeat in life
i)  History of tumors, skin diseases
k) History of insanity in families
l)  Strange loss of sight
m) History of being conned
n) History of aborted engagements
o) History of failure in  building houses
p) History of disappointment in any investments
q) Strange loss of valuables
r) History of dispossession of property
s) Rape patterns in families
t) Fruitless labour
u) Incurable feet problems
v) Female related complications
w) Bound children
x) History of slavery at work
y) History of abject poverty
z) History of anxiety & panicking heart
√ Strange illusions
√ History of premature death in families
√ Rejection

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