The believer’s authority over devils! (Luke 8:23-31)

– Strange storms of life can be caused by demonic forces (Matt 14:24)

– When one is under spiritual attack they land into multiple strange problems (Ps 69:1)- The state of jeopardy is manifestation of spiritual attack! (Ps 40:2) (Ps 18:43)

– Authority over devils can only be exercised in the atmosphere of true prayer & honor to Jesus! (Matt 8:24) (Jam 4:7-10)

– Step into your authority & rebuke the situation! (Luke 8:24) (Eph 6:11)

– When you lose faith; you’ve lost access to your divine authority! (Luke 8:25) (Jude 1:3, 20) (1 Cor 2:5)

– Change the manner of man that you are to exercise supernatural authority! (1 Sam 10:6) (Num 14:24) (1 Cor 2:14) (Acts 19:15)

– Duration of bondage requires grace dimension to totally deliver victims of demonic possession! (Mark 9:21) (John 5:6)

– The spiritual effects on a person being delivered require grace levels for total deliverance (Mark 5:5)

– Connection to strange altars is a factor to consider while conducting deliverance! (Matt 12:43-45) (Mark 8:27)

– When a bound person falls down, it does not mean they are automatically delivered (Luke 8:28)

– Certain category of demons can confess the Name of Jesus as the Son of God; don’t be deceived! (Luke 8:28)

– Demons can pretend to worship God; don’t be deceived! (Jam 2:19)

– In Jesus you have authority to question devils; though don’t be enticed to engage them alot! (Luke 8:30) (Job 1:7)

– You may be dealing with multiple spirits in one person; cast out all! (Luke 8:30-31)

– Covenants; bloodline or territorial give devils a legal ground to operate (Luke 8:31-33)

– The first sign of deliverance is rest & comfort at the feet of Jesus! (Matt 11:28)

– The next sign of deliverance is readiness to cover ones nakedness (Luke 8:35) (Gen 3:11)

– The next sign of deliverance is transformed attitude & posture towards life! (Rom 12:3) (John 8:36)

– The next sign of deliverance is renewed love for the things of God (Luke 8:38-39)

– Anyone called by God is given supernatural authority! (Matt 10:1)

– God wants you delivered from any spiritual hold (Luke 13:11) (Ps 103:1-5)

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