Holy Communion Day 6/7 (Prov 10:22) (Prov 10:28)

1. Father I receive benefits of Ps 103:1-5 by the ministry of the Holy Communion in the Name of Jesus!

2. Every retaliatory program at the peak of my breakthroughs be nullified by the Blood of Jesus!

3. Jezebelic powers behind sorrow at the point of breakthrough be wasted Now & forever by the Blood of Jesus!

4. Satanic arrows fired against my seasons of victory turn around x3 & smite your senders with 7 – fold Strength in the Name of Jesus!

5. Any strife of tongues against my favor & enlargement be utterly condemned by the Blood of Jesus!

6. Holy Spirit release your angels to search the land of the living & the wicked, track my assets in Jesus Name!

7. Any ancestral prince of persia standing at the gate of my access, influence & dominion be arrested by arch angels of war in Jesus Name!

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