Holy Communion Day 4/7 (Ps 103:1-5)

1. Father let the benefits of Ps 103:1-5 manifest in my life, hse & destiny by the Blood of Jesus!

2. Every program behind poverty, failure & stagnation be eternally deprogrammed by the Blood of Jesus!

3. Strange cycles of difficulty & frustration be broken forever by the Blood of Jesus!

4. Any evil pattern in my ancestry at the edge of breakthrough break by fire in the mighty Name of Jesus!

5. Any contrary wind from my ancestry blowing against the ship of my destiny, be cut off by the Blood of Jesus!

6. Every ancestral horn blowing against my divine growth be roasted by fire mingled with the Blood of Jesus!

7. By the Blood of Jesus I rise to excellence, dominion & influence in the land of the living in Jesus Name! (In tongues for about 10mins!)

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