Holy Communion Day 1/7 (Eph 1:7) (Gal 3:13)

1. Father let the Blood of Jesus flow over my foundations of ancestry & speak life, salvation & deliverance!

2. By the Blood of Jesus I reverse any transaction in my ancestry that made my destiny exchanged, diverted or sold

3. By the redeeming Blood of Jesus let my destiny receive the gracious touch of the Father by the Holy Ghost!

4. By the Blood of Jesus I cut off my navel from evil ancestral & generational ties!

5. Through the ministry of Holy Communion, Holy Spirit wash me with the Word of the Father; rub me with the Salt of your Covenant in Jesus Name!

6. Through the Holy Communion, Holy Spirit shower the love & mercies of the Father over me & my hse in Jesus Name!

7. Through Holy Communion, Holy Spirit restore me & my hse to the gracious Presence of God & activate the benefits of your Covenant in Jesus Name!

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