Exposing witchcraft operations (Num 23)

– Prosperity, Enlargement & Progress, not covenanted to the LORD, attracts the envious eye of witchcraft

– Any priest that divines the spiritual realm against a person, family or territory is called a wicked consultant

– Witchcraft operates through cursings on an altar (Is 54:17)

– A curse from the lips of an evil priest is meant to weaken victims for an attack (Num 22:6)

– BLESS means “Empowered to prosper” while CURSE means “Weakened to fail”

– When figures of authority consult & honor evil altars they legally authorize satanic rulership & control as respective door keepers to those under them (Num 22:7)

– Witchcraft transactions majorly take place at night (Num 22:8)

– Spiritual night transactions involve intensely active consultations with the invisible realm (Num 22:9-12)

– The outcome of such night transactions, without divine help programs one’s day, life & destiny

– Witchcraft operates alot through diabolic reinforcement (Num 22:15-17)

– Addictions & strange levels of moral corruption can be sponsored by witchcraft altars to drive one away from God (Num 25:1-3)

– Witchcraft CANNOT operate beyond the Covenant of the LORD in your life, family or territory! (Num 22:18)

– The evil priest is only a mouthpiece of the altar he represents!

– Witchcraft vehicles & entities can see Angelic cover around God’s servants, deterring their operations (Num 22:22)

1. Invisible vehicles – Marine, terrestrial & mostly aerial to transport them to covens & diabolic assignments. These vehicles are spiritually self existing powers that can monitor & respond. Angels can also cause conflict between these & the priest. They can also be activated through magic charms (Ezek 13:18-21)

2. Attendant powers (Lev 19:31) – Assist with the witchcraft operations. These are servant demons that attend to the evil priest. When scattered the witch has no support of the spiritual realm

3. Diabolic scepter (Ps 125:3) – These are used to conjure spells, direct certain spiritual arrows & carry the authority of the evil priest.

4. Diabolic language (Is 8:19-20) – Acting as mutterings, enchantments, evil signals & demonic frequencies, a victim can be manipulated into conversations with adversarial powers without his knowledge & consent, to enter into satanic traps

5. Diabolic sacrifices – Blood is a token of covenant. Blood has a voice understood in the spiritual realm. It seals agreements & establishes legalities & honor to a spiritual rulership

6. Diabolic agreements (Is 8:10) (Ezek 21:27) – Strong covenants authorizing bondage & slavery against unsuspecting victims can be established through agreement between senior family members or territorial princes (Matt 18:19)

7. Altars – These act as spiritual gateways, platforms of exchange, centers of control & manipulation between the visible & invisible realms. Altars can be physically visible structures, trees, stones, high places, graves. They can also be spiritually present yet invisible or even existing humans covenanted to diabolic powers, creatures having fraternities with dark entities can also serve as altars.Every altar enjoys the supporting voice of a sacrifice. The more the sacrifices, the determination of the diabolic priest affects the level of strength of altars (Num 23:2). An individual, family or territory can be fought by multiple altars (Num 23:14)

8. Priesthood – The connection between an altar + sacrifice + priesthood = spiritual encounter. Commitment requires staying at the altar for a given period of time to initiate spiritual transactions. Sentences, judgments or verdicts are passed against unsuspecting victims in this atmosphere through muttering, enchantment or oracles (songs). Wicked priests can repeatedly attempt to raise altars against their victims. Most determined attempts don’t exceed 3x (Num 23:28)

9. Monitoring systems (Num 23:9 & 13) (Matt 4:8)
– These can be certain locations in a hse, shrine or diabolic devices like mirrors, hand held objects that spiritually allo

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