– The measure of the worth of young men is their ability to overcome the evil one (1 John 2:13)

– Destiny attackers manifest through hatred from your sorrounding (Matt 12:34)

– Great destiny manifests through dreams & visions (Acts 2:17)

– Dreams are a revelation of the spirituality of your future (Gen 40:9-13, 16-19)

– Repeat dreams are established spiritual realities (Gen 37:9)

– The greatest enemy to destiny dreams is household wickedness (Gen 37:10) (Matt 10:36)

– Strange manifestation of envy is signal of a great destiny carrier (Gen 37:11)

– One can be a prophetic vessel but facing earthly struggles (Gen 37:15) (2 Kings 4:1)

– Wicked monitoring of destinies must be dealt with to prevail (Gen 37:18)

– When the enemy fights destiny he considers economic distress (Gen 37:24) (Eccl 9:15) (Prov 22:7)

– Destinies can be sold in the spiritual market; reject it! (Gen 37:27-28)

– Earthly property can represent one as a contact point for spiritual operation (Gen 37:31-32)

– In the spiritual market it’s possible to live a life that’s not yours (Gen 37:36) (1 Kings 3:20) (Eccl 10:7)

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